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Discover the Latest Haircut Trends with Gayla Hair Designs

Latest Haircut Trend with Gayla Hair Designs top rated salon in North Dallas

In the dynamic world of hairstyling, trends evolve as swiftly as the seasons. As the top-rated hair salon in Plano, Gayla Hair Designs is at the forefront of the latest and greatest haircut trends, committed to offering styles that not only capture the essence of the moment but also accentuate your individual beauty. Whether you're seeking a dramatic change or a subtle update, our guide to the trending haircuts of the season is designed to inspire your next visit to our salon.

1. The Blunt Bob

blunt bob haircut plano texas top rated salon

A true classic, the blunt bob has made a significant comeback, offering a chic and sophisticated silhouette. Perfect for those seeking a low-maintenance but stylish look, this cut falls just above the shoulders and works beautifully on all hair types. Its clean, sharp lines create a striking effect that frames the face perfectly.

2. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs haircut plano texas top rated salon

Curtain bangs have surged in popularity, thanks to their versatility and effortless vibe. Suitable for various hair lengths and types, these bangs softly frame the face, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. They can be styled to blend seamlessly with layers or stand out as a focal feature in your look.

3. Layered Shag

layered shag haircut plano texas top rated salon

The layered shag is the ultimate choice for those craving texture and volume. Inspired by retro styles, this modern take incorporates choppy layers, volume at the crown, and often comes with bangs for added character. It's a versatile cut that suits a wide range of face shapes and hair textures, offering a playful and edgy aesthetic.

4. Textured Pixie Cut

textured pixie cut plano texas top rated salon

For the bold and daring, the textured pixie cut remains a top trend. This short style highlights facial features and offers a fresh, youthful appearance. Textured layers add volume and movement, making it a customizable cut that can be tailored to fit your personal style and hair type.

5. The Long Layered Cut

long layered haircut plano texas top rated salon

For those who love their long locks, the long layered cut adds dimension and movement without sacrificing length. By incorporating layers, you can achieve a lighter feel and give your hair a more dynamic look. This cut is especially flattering for thick hair, as it can remove bulk and add fluidity to your strands.

6. The Collarbone Lob

collarbone lob haircut plano texas top rated salon

The collarbone lob is a softer, more feminine version of the classic bob, hitting just at the collarbone. It's an incredibly flattering length for all face shapes and is versatile enough to be styled straight, wavy, or curly. This cut offers the perfect balance between short and long, providing ease of maintenance with a touch of elegance.

At Gayla Hair Designs, we believe that a haircut is a form of self-expression and an extension of your personal style. Whether you're drawn to the sleek lines of a blunt bob, the edgy texture of a pixie cut, or the flowing layers of a long style, there's a trend this year to match your unique taste. Our team of skilled stylists is here to consult with you on the best cut to suit your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle, ensuring you leave our salon feeling refreshed, confident, and on-trend.

Ready to embrace a new look? Book your appointment with Gayla Hair Designs today and let us help you find your next statement haircut.



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